Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Busy as a Bee...but that's the way we like to be!

So I'm a little behind in bloggerland! The last few days have been busy and so fun!

I have to think back a few days to make sure I get it all! Last Thursday Mabry and I went to our first Kitchen Queens get together and it was such a good time! We went with Aunt Kristy (Justin's sister) and met so many great ladies! The food was yummy, the convos were great, and the wine was well - perfect! Mabry made it through the evening after offically saturating 3 burp cloths and the entire front of my dress! But that's her job right?!

On Friday I did a little Wardrobe Revolution and it was so fun to be back in action! Mabry had a good time hanging out with her Daddy! Then later that evening a great friend of mine, Brandi came over for a glass of vino and just to catch up, Mabry worked on her beauty sleep the entire time!

Saturday I had to work for a little bit in the afternoon, so that meant that Justin was in charge of getting little miss dressed. So I purposely planted her tiny cardinals tee and some black and white polka dot leggings on the top of her clothes just so Daddy could feel like he "picked our her clothes"! He acts like he doesn't care, but I think he secretly likes his baby girl in all the girly things! And of course I laid out the bow to match! Then Saturday night we were a lazy little family and ordered pizza and went to bed early! And Mabry slept THROUGH the night!!

Since we were refreshed from our full night of sleep, yes I'm that excited about it! Mabry went with me to go on her first Wardrobe Revolution job!

This week has already been fun! Yesterday we had coffee with Miss Sarah who is going to have baby Harper in a few weeks! Mabry's boyfriend will be here soon! Then we went to visit the Ahmed's so little Henry could see his baby and of course we had to meet Molly! Molly is going to be a great baby sitter! Mabry loved her!

But today was really fun! We went over the Brown's and had a bow party! Rachel and her mom are sooo talented! We ended up with so many WONDERFUL bows! I am so excited! Now it gives me another project to figure out just how to arrange all of our new accessories! Such a fun family and I think it is so great that 3 sisters and Mom could be such great friends! I was stuck with 2 stinky brothers! The cutest thing ever was to watch Bree and Mabry study each other! They were pretty cute together and I can't wait until they can actually play! So I am certainly thankful for baby girls, hairbows, and new friends!

And I must include in my MASSIVE novel of a post of what Mabry has been doing lately! She smiles A LOT and makes the sweetest little noises! I love when we can "talk"! And seriously in the last three days she has discovered her hand and that it fits in her mouth and even better she can chew on it! It's so funny! Even though we aren't on a regular sleep schedule just yet and I'm usually super tired early in the morning, I look over and she is just smiling at me ready to start our day and that makes everyday so great!

Ok so I totally stole some of these pictures from our friend Tara but they are perfect and from the bow party! Hopefully you made if far enough in the post to actually see the pics! Enjoy..

Monday, April 19, 2010

So Cliche

It is so cliche but babies sure do change so fast!! I can't believe my sweet girl is 2 months old already! Where has the time gone? It has been the greatest two months of my life! Mabry had to get her first round of shots today and let's just say Mom was probably more upset than she was! Justin stood there with her while the nurse administered the shot, I couldn't watch because I'm a wimp! And of course she screamed and cried but as soon as I picked her up she calmed down! The doctor told me it would probably be harder on me than her because she would move on from it so quickly, so that made me feel a little better. Mabry weighs 12 lbs and 12 oz!! She was 8 lbs 6 oz at birth! For weight she is in the 95 percentile! So needless to say she is healthy and growing!! She is now 23 inches long and that puts her in the 75 percentile for height, so Dad can relax a little bit! He is worried she is going to be really really tall, but hey if she is she can be our little retirement fund! Just Kidding, but seriously there could be worse things than the WNBA or modeling right? I'm already dreading the next round of shots at 4 months!

We had a lovely weekend and we didn't do much of anything but slept in and hung out!
Mabry got lots of Daddy/Daughter time this weekend while I was at work. So they had thier first grocery shopping experience together and lots of Cardinal baseball!

Mabry had her first Dora the Explorer experience today as well! I was actually able to get ready in a timely manner while she was intrigued by the bilingual girl and her back pack! It was so cute to see her get excited while having no clue what was being said! This cartoon thing might just be the new trick when Mom has stuff to do!

Of course I have to get a tad sentimental! As I sit here typing about my little love bug she is sitting in my lap with the hiccups (does that mean she is growing on me again?) and she has the sweetest little face, craziest hair, and cutest smile I have ever seen! Her little noises are my favorite! You would never know she had a rough day at the doctor's office today! I am so thankful to have such a happy and healthy little lady!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Walk It Out

The last couple days have been eventful at the Kordsmeier house! On Monday night Mabry and I went to the Zeta alumni meeting at US Pizza (I'm sure she will learn to love that place like I do!) . I must admit she was quite popular! She also met a really good family friend, Debbie Fritche! Debbie's family went to church with mine growing up in Greenwood and has remained a dear friend! Then today as soon as Daddy got home from work we put him to work hanging some new pictures in the house and a flea market find - my favorite yellow mirror! We rearranged the nursery a little bit and I attempted to reorganize the craft/guest/catch all room! Then I actually used the jogging stroller to go for a JOG! Mabry loves going on walks around our cute little neighborhood (and the promenade too!), but tonight we went a little faster! She just looks around and "coos" at everything with her mohawk blowing in the wind! She will sometimes let me put her cute little sunglasses on her, but it is often short lived! It was so nice to run again, it had been a LONG time! I'm pretty sure it wore her out! We are loving this weather right now, all the grilling out, nice walks, and excuses to just be outside are so refreshing!

The nighstand with some of her "treasures"

The collection of piggy banks

This yellow furniture was my Mom's when she was a little girl, I used it in my nursery and growing up and now it's in Mabry's room! I love it! I have the hutch, night stand, desk (which is being used at the changing table), mirror and twin bed!

And her hair is currently very high with her awesome mohawk!

Working out is hard work when you are 8 weeks old! She looks so tiny in the stroller!

Ok and I mentioned the yellow mirror in her room and tried to get a picture and it just wasn't working out for me! But hopefully soon!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Vintage Jewels & Flowers..Just a couple of my favorite things!

I've been making making flower hairbows since before Mabry was born and I'm addicted! I have even worn some of the ones with vintage looks to them and my Mom has worn them as pins on her jackets for work! So I think its safe to say that girls of any age love pretty things!

Mommy and Baby Girl

Growing up so fast!

On her way home!
Mabry gives her first trip to the doctor a thumbs up!

Daddy Meets Mabry!

Baby Momma

So these last (almost) 2 months have been quite the experience! Feb 17th, 2010 has to be the greatest day of my life and by far the longest! Becoming Mabry's mom has enriched life so much, and I know sound like that corny mom but as corny as it is, it is so TRUE! I could never imagine just how great it would be to be so tired! Now that she is a little older things are much easier in the sleep department! But even at 3:00 am when I'm so tired I can barely stand it she just smiles her toothless grin and the world is right!! Her crazy mohawk and that dimple in her right cheek give this girl some major personality already! Sometimes I still catch myself thinking that I can not believe that she is here or that she is mine! I feel so VERY blessed to have such a wonderful family and great friends who have been so supportive! She is very well loved and I can not be grateful enough! Although a surprise, Mabry is the greatest of gifts I have ever received! My life is different that I imagined it to be, but being her Mom is the greatest of jobs! Justin and I just love her so much! Justin is a great Dad and a great provider! It just might be the cutest thing in the world to see such a big strong man hold such a tiny little baby girl! I am so excited to keep with the ever changing Miss Mabry through this blog! I have lots of pictures to post! So looks like I've offically turned into "that mom", but I would not have it any other way!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I feel like a Freshman!

I feel like a freshman because I'm so excited to be entering this new world, the "blog" world, all the while I have no idea what I'm doing! So here we go...

The name of my blog may seem silly but when Justin and I were thinking of names for our sweet baby girl we instantly loved Mabry Lynn! People sure can find ways to make fun of anything literally ANYTHING when it comes to naming your baby. Everyone thinks that they are right and will tell you all the negatives (even if you dont want them!) about your choice. So after playing the name game we decided on Mabry and the worst thing that anyone could come up with was "maybe, maybe not" or "mabry, mabry not" so because of that I decided to embrace it! It could be so much worse! And the reason I spelled Knot that way was for the knots on all of her sweet little hair bows and K for Kordsmeier!