Monday, June 21, 2010

We're 4 months old!!

This has been quite the week for Miss Mabry! She is offically 4 months old, hard to believe right?! We have been spending lots of time at LaLa's pool soaking up the sunshine. I love summer for some many reasons but I especially love the LONG days! We can take walks when it actually cools off! I swear we jumped right into summer, there was no easing in the heat this year! I love summer "hair" that just dried and not perfect look to go along with a little bronzer and lip gloss! My most favorite of course is being able to have fun in the sun with my baby girl! She loves to just get up and go, and trust me we are busy!
This was also Justin's first Father's day! I feel as if I don't mention him enough and I know that I do not give him enough credit! Justin is absolutely wonderful with Mabry, and it is so cute to see them play now that she is really developing a little personality. He really loves her and it shows in every ounce of him! It's crazy how a little bitty baby girl can have such a strong man wrapped her teeny finger! It truly melts my heart! I had a few of his favorite pictures blown up in different sizes and put in black frames, along with a cardinals hat, and of course those mushy and all too silly cards! I think he loved it! J even surprised me on his first Father's day, I came home and he had CLEANED the house, I'm talking even mopped! It was such a lovely surprise! Yay for Dad's day! We then went to Olive Garden for dinner and so of course I had to take a couple of pictures while we were waiting on our table! After being almost uncomfortably full we came home and just hung out which was so nice!

So today is catch up day! I worked ALL weekend it feels like so that is one reason I'm beginning to not mind Mondays so much, I can catch up on life!!

We had to wear the "3 months old" outfit one more time!

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  1. I can't believe she is 4 months old! She is so precious! I cant wait to babysitt her again! And you have to bring her swimming very soon!
    Mollie Ownbey