Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Road Trip!

I feel like the worst blogger ever, which is probably not far from the truth! This has been a crazy couple of weeks!

Mabry went on her first road trip to Houston, TX! My great Uncle Sig passed away and although a sad day it allowed for my mom's entire side of the family to get together. It had seriously been YEARS since I had seen some of these relatives! Instead of a traditional funeral we had a "celebration of life" for Uncle Sig. He and his amazing pancakes will be missed!

We (being my mom, my brother Mitchell, Mabry, and myself) loaded up on Wednesday afternoon and headed to Texarkana. We weren't really sure how Mabry would do in the car so we decided to break up the trip! And she was such a trooper! There's not a whole lot happening in Texarkana but we did manage to find a mall (imagine that) and we had the best tex mex ever! We checked into our hotel and relaxed! Mabry did great her first night with room servie!

The next day we got up and headed to Lufkin, where my great aunt Jo lives. We visited with everyone and then we headed "into town" and did a little shopping once again! It's always fun to shop somewhere else! After a long day we decided we needed a tex mex fix again!

Then on Friday was the celebration. My cousin Summer hosted it at her beautiful home and everyone gathered around and shared stories about uncle Sig and all the jokes he told and the good man that he was and his undeniable great cooking!
This trip was extra special because my grandparents were able to meet thier great granddaughter for the first time! Nana and Grandpa live in Rosie Clare, Illinois and traveling isn't always easy, so that made the trip worth it right there!
Boy did Mabry and I miss Justin! We were very ready to be home on Saturday! I can say that Mabry's first road trip was a sucess! She did really great in the car and was easy going the entire time!
OH and we cut a tooth while on the trip! So many things in so little time!!

Mommy and baby girl!

LaLa loves that sweet girl!

I love this picture! They look so much alike!

My little brother Mitchell is so good with Mabry!

The world's best uncle and to think he's only 13!!

My mom's little brother Shawn, making him Mabry's Great Uncle!

Great Grandpa Loy

Just talking to Nana

Four Generations! Nana, LaLa, Me, and Mabry!

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